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27 April 2006

Learning LaTeX?

Byron gave me an idea for something to put up here.

I have been meaning to do this for awhile, but now thanks to Justin from Reed College (whom we met at the Harvard LinG Colloquium), I have finally begun to learn LaTeX, a very flexible and powerful markup language for formatting documents and papers. It's widely used in academic circles, as well as being the reason that nearly every paper you ever see at a conference from someone at MIT looks the same.

So here are a few of the resources I used to get myself up and running on LaTeX. One should keep in mind that "up and running" is a gross overstatement: I can still barely do anything. I will, however, update this as I learn more. Also, I own a Mac, so if you don't use a UNIX based system, I'm sorry - you'll have to tailor this to your own machine.

For getting started:
LaTex For Linguists (Just bookmark this - you'll need it)
Beginner's Guide to LaTeX (the best beginner's reference I've found)
Another Beginner's Guide (also very good)

Software for Editing (Mac OSX Only)
TeXShop (easy to use)
TeXMaker (incredibly versatile)
BibDesk (for bibliographic databases)

This should be enough to get folks started. I can't stress how helpful the "LaTeX for Linguists" website was - good stuff on trees, OT Tableaux, IPA Fonts, Semantics notation, etc. Check it out.


  • Cool. I think I should probably try and learn LaTeX at some point. Good job on the site redesign too.

    By Blogger Jedediah, at 12:01 AM  

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