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27 April 2006

Trees in Powerpoint

So, until now, I have had yet to post here. Mostly a product of me being lazy, thesising, visiting grad schools and trying to maintain a semblence of a non-academic life. Anyway, this post isn't much either, but it's something. When I was working on my honors thesis defense powerpoint presentation (that's a really long compound) I decided that I needed to have movement actually taking place on the screen since I have a lot of it and a static picture doesn't necessarily cut it (read: it's too complicated for its own good).

After a little bit of toying with powerpoint, I discovered it's actually fairly simple once you get the hang of it. The biggest piece of advice I can give on the subject is to build your whole tree first on the slide and then and only then start doing the animation process. To give a basic idea of how to do one yourself, I've posted a sample powerpoint on the interweb for your use. Download it here.


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